Travel, UK 2015

Following an 18 hour travel day & fighting a sickness, my first (jet lagged) couple of days in the UK have already flown by. We arrived in Wales at 7:30 am BST (12:30 am Central time due to the 6 hour time difference) on the 6th. So far we have spent time visiting with family and friends. We have been out for coffee and to a barbecue. The people and scenery are lovely. The nature is bright green and gorgeous and there are many fields with cows and sheep. The temperatures have been a bit cool but the sun has been shining and it stays bright later into the evening. I am looking forward to doing more exploring in the next couple of weeks!


2 thoughts on “Arrival 

  1. Great to hear from you. The country side looks beautiful and the cool weather sounds wonderful to me. Hope you are feeling better each day. Jet lag can be troublesome I understand. Since we cruised only, we did not have jet lag. LOL

    Megan is due at anytime now. Have not heard anything today yet. We are sunny and getting pretty warm already and it is just past 10. Have fun and keep writing as you can. Love, GM


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