A Day in Chester 

Travel, UK 2015

Today was a day well spent in Chester, an old roman city in England. We walked around the city square surrounded by beautiful buildings and blue skies. The afternoon was spent shopping and having tea at The Grosvenor. The evening was a girls night out in which we had our first drink (the drinking age is 18 here) & experienced a popular club, The Cruise. The memories I’m making and experiences I am having will last a lifetime 



2 thoughts on “A Day in Chester 

  1. Sounds like and looks like a beautiful day in a beautiful old city. Enjoy the shopping but watch our for those drinks!!!lol
    Tea would be pretty wonderful about right now. Grandpa had surgery this morning at 7:30 for some skin cancers behind his ears. He is doing well, except for a sudden outpouring of blood right after we arrived home. Finally got it under control and removed the excess bandages a while ago and seems all is well.
    I am anxious to see baby Anya . Enjoy your news. Love, GM


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