An Adventure a Day…

Travel, UK 2015

My morning began with a bit of shopping in Wrexham, the town in Wales where we’ve been staying. The afternoon was spent in a nearby town called Holt, having lunch and exploring. We walked to the remains of Holt castle and had the best time along the way. The feeling of freedom when surrounded by the nature, wild flowers, blue skies and perfect weather is one I’ll never forget. After, we went for drinks at an adorable deli, where I got locked in “the loo” (ha ha). In the evening we went for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Chester with Lucy and friends. The night ended with a walk to a local Pub, the Afton, with Allanah for coffee and tea. So lovely.           


2 thoughts on “An Adventure a Day…

  1. These are great pictures of the surrounds and of you in several . The flowers are so sweet and natural. Loved the big boulder with the fence on top.Or was that part of the castle? The buildings in town are so pretty. Keep on enjoying and writing.


  2. Can’t wait to hear the locked-in-the-loo story haha!
    It’s so beautiful there, I’m glad you’re enjoying so much. ❤️


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