It’s the Little Things

Travel, UK 2015

So many of my favorite parts of the trip thus far happened today. I love feeling the freedom of trying new things, having adventures and experiencing the world in new ways. Its all about the little things, for example:

•Visiting Penrhyn Castle & seeing the view of Wales from the balcony

•Taking a little road trip to Llandundo & being able to see: mountains, Victorian buildings, the Irish Sea and a pier all at the same time

•Climbing up the side of a mountain then tobogganing down

•Falling flat on my butt walking down the side of the mountain

•Eating ice cream cones (99s to be exact) from a little stand on the pier

•Leighton saying “I didn’t think they liked fudge!” after getting attacked by Seagulls

•Jamming to the Zac Brown Band in the car

•Playing soccer with Lan & her brothers – getting  kicked in the face with the ball by Pierce & nicknamed chicken legs (I’ll take that one as a compliment)

•Watching Paddington Bear (which takes place in London) & knowing that I’ll be there in 2 days (!!!)



One thought on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Emily, this one made me feel so envious of you and your friends and youth, enthusiasm , and joy of your surrounds. YOU looked excited to see the Irish Sea as I would. I am so happy for you to be having all this wonderful fun, but watch coming down the mountain on your behind! ! ! That could be painful. Chicken legs – crazy. Love you,

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