London Day 1 

Travel, UK 2015

Walking out of the train station and entering the hustle and bustle of London for the first time was surreal. Everywhere I looked there were landmarks: Big Ben, the London Eye, Westimister Abbey, Parliament Square, etc. Allanah and I spent the afternoon in Covent Gardens, shopping and soaking in the atmosphere. Gorgeous flowers decorated buildings and there were an abundance of coffee shops and restaurants-I wanted to try them all. We ate dinner with the family at Muriel’s Kitchen in Soho and it was lovely. On the taxi ride back to the hotel, the London Eye (which is right next to where we’re staying) was shining red. The streets were filled with people and my ears were filled with the sounds of music being played and different languages being spoken. I always fall in love with the diversity that comes with big cities.



One thought on “London Day 1 

  1. Finally, I got a reply box for London Day 1. Great description of the total area. The pictures are also wonderful and I love all the beautiful flowers. Does everyone grow flowers there? Talk later. GM


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