Day 17

Travel, UK 2015

Morning: Saying farewells to members of the Taylor family and to England. Hugging the Robinsons goodbye was particularly sad-they are such lovely people.

Afternoon: Driving back to Wrexham, Wales-roughly a four hour trip. Talking, telling stories, drinking coffee and listening to music.

Evening: Catching up with Anna’s family (who we’ve been staying with in Wrexham). Eating dinner and celebrating the boys’ upcoming birthdays. After, Allanah and I walked to The Acton, the pub down the road, where we had delicious Bailey’s Irish Cream Lattes.

Currently: Watching 90210, our nightly ritual. Sad that in a couple of short days I’ll have to do it without my best friend.

PS: Happy Father’s Day to all of the great dads I know. Especially to my dad, grandpa and grandad. I hope you all had a great day today. I love you. xo


2 thoughts on “Day 17

  1. It is so hard to have to say goodbye to good people. I sure hate to see that the visit is nearly
    over for now. I will miss your daily message from so far away, but anxious to see you on the other
    hand. I pray for a safe, smooth flight home. Love you bunches,


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