Packing is Even Harder When You Don’t Want to Leave 

Travel, UK 2015

I woke up sad this morning knowing today was my last full day in the UK. My last day in Wales-the land of bright green grass and cloudy blue skies. Where:

• pubs and coffee shops are on every corner

•the backroads consist of wildflowers and beautiful meadows of cows and sheep

•people still hang their clothes on the line to dry

•the words lovely, brilliant and lad are used frequently

•fries are called chips and chips are called crisps

•they greet each other by saying “you okay?” or “you alright?”

•there is never a bad time for coffee or tea.

•an adventure is always waiting to be had and there are always new things to try

•it is breakfast, dinner and tea rather than breakfast lunch and dinner

•there are a number of opposites (such as driving on the right sight of the road with the steering wheel on the right side of the car) but it still feels like home


One thought on “Packing is Even Harder When You Don’t Want to Leave 

  1. That was a nice list of all the beauties of Wales. I would so enjoy the green, fields of flowers and pretty blue cloudless sky. Hard to pack, but pack you must to come home to us. Love you, GM


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