The {Home} Stretch

Travel, UK 2015

Day 19:

4:45 am (BST) – my alarm goes off

5:40 am – goodbye hugs

6:45 am – arrival at Manchester airport

After checking in and going through security I still had nearly four hours to kill in terminal two. I had breakfast at Café Nero while reading Harry Potter. Then I spent the last of my pounds on Digestives (cookies that have been one of my favorite discoveries in the UK) (yes I bought more).

10:55 am – departure

I had a whole row to myself (!!!) and 7.5 hours and 4 movies later I arrived at Washington Dulles airport. After making it through customs and security (where I almost lost my beloved gold Betsey Johnson watch) I had never been so happy to see overpriced American souvenirs.

At that point my body clock was confused.

My flight that was scheduled for takeoff at 5:30 pm ET was delayed for three hours. First the plane was late arriving, then there was a storm, then a large portion of the plane, myself included, had to get off in order to replace connecting flights we were missing in Chicago. Finally, we took off and I was able to have a laugh with the redhead sitting next to me when I asked for a ginger ale.

After arriving in Chicago, I was able to quickly board my new 10:30 pm (central time) flight. I got to Wichita at 12:30 am.

My luggage still isn’t here and I am completely jet lagged after an over 24 hour travel day through 3 different time zones … but I am home.



3 thoughts on “The {Home} Stretch

  1. I’m glad you finally made it home. Your snapchats were hilarious and it looks like you had a marvelous time in the UK. Welcome home, Emily! We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!


  2. So happy you arrived home, sure was a late arrival. Have you received your luggage yet? Rest up and then we will visit. Love you very much, GM


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