Daydreaming and Reminsicing

Travel, UK 2015

Two weeks ago I arrived back at the Wichita airport after the trip that I have been daydreaming about ever since. I think that I would have been ready to turn around and go back almost immediately. It’s crazy to me how things change-I remember how scared I was four years ago before a five day journalism trip to Minneapolis. High school freshman Emily would have been absolutely mortified going on a 19 day trip to a different continent. College freshman Emily, however, would do it again in a heartbeat.

Things I learned in the UK:

  • It is important to try new things
  • When asked if you want to go dry tobogganing down a mountain (and you have no idea what to expect) the answer is yes
  • There is no bad time for a latte
  • Gin and tonics are disgusting
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream is not *instert heart eye emoji here*
  • Sometimes when someone asks for a kiss on the cheek, they will turn and kiss you on the mouth at the last second: be prepared
  • If you ever get locked in a very small bathroom, don’t panic-eventually someone will hear you knocking and inform you that you’re not the only person who has gotten stuck (maybe they should look into that?)
  • Zara is a wonderful store
  • Eating fresh strawberries as you pick them from a field with a beautiful view of the Welsh countryside is a wonderful feeling
  • If you feel like spreading your arms and spinning around, do it-the feeling of freedom is 100% worth it

I want to thank everyone who supported me on my journey, at home and in the UK. A special thank you to Greg Reed for helping me make this trip a reality. To Terri Reed for supporting me from the very beginning. To my Grandma who commenting on every single one of my blog posts. To the Taylor family who took me in and made me feel like a part of their family. To everyone I met in the UK who also made me feel at home. To everyone who read my blog posts and supported me-hearing people say they read my posts means the world to me. Thank you.

As St. Augustine said “The world is a book and those do not travel read only one page.” I am filled with desire to explore the world. There are so many places I want to visit. I yearn to tell people’s stories, learn other cultures and eat at cafes and coffee shops all across the globe. I am wanderlust. And this was just the beginning.



2 thoughts on “Daydreaming and Reminsicing

  1. I enjoyed every post you wrote and love this one. Nice insight, with lots of feelings involved. Keep up the great work. Love, Grandma


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