The Characters

Travel, UK 2015

I viewed everyone I met as a character in my own story. Here are a few of the main people who helped make the story come to life:

•The Taylor family: Allanah’s wonderful family who I love as my own and who so kindly gave me the opportunity to join them on this trip. Anna-Lan’s mum who is one of the classiest yet funny people I have ever met. Who despises having pictures taken of her but is effortlessly beautiful and has impeccable fashion sense. Daryl-her dad who looks like he means business but is always cracking jokes and has witty comebacks. Pierce-her 14 year old brother who eats like a 14 year old boy and is annoyingly the size of my pinky finger. Also the one who paid Quinn to kiss me on the cheek and kicked me in the face with a soccer ball. Quinn-her curly haired 10 year old brother who loves soccer, is a lovely singer and has hilarious pickup lines. And then obviously there is the infamous Allanah, my best friend and sidekick. She is stylish, witty and one of those people who doesn’t realize how beautiful they are. I am so thankful to have her in my life.

•The Williams family: Jane-Allanah’s aunty (Anna’s sister) who is one of the most adorable people I have ever met. Nigel-Jane’s husband who loves ice cream and is very nice. Lucy-Lan’s gorgeous cousin who let us stay in her room and took us out a number of times. She is a lover of lipstick and is so funny and sweet. Leigton-Lucy’s brother who is kindhearted and always smiling (except when attacked by seagulls.)

•Paula & Royston: Allanah’s grandparents who remind me much of my own. They are kind, funny and love to chat. Paula makes a mean cup of coffee and is informative. Royston loves his garden. He also refers to me as “our Em” which is adorable and very Welsh.


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