A visit to Veritá 


Today I experienced Veritá Coffee Company for the first time and it did not disappoint. Relatively new and located on the west side of Wichita, the shop collabs with local businesses such as Beards Floral for succulent decor and serves pastries from Bagatelle Bakery.

The menu is simple, keeping it down to the classics with a few quirky twists including a root beer latte. They serve drinks using only whole Hildebrand milk, and while I am an avid lover of skim milk, I do appreciate the use of milk bottled within Kansas. I had a lovely 12oz latte which was complete with artwork. My mom and I shared a cinnamon roll while listening to the sound of vinyl records playing and watching the rain.

Anywhere with a barista who calls you by name multiple times throughout the first visit is somewhere worth trying. So if you find yourself on the west side, in need of somewhere to study or a new coffee shop to try check out Veritá.

located at 9414 W Central Ave, Wichita

latte • cinamon roll • cappuccino


3 thoughts on “A visit to Veritá 

  1. thanks for posting the picture of the bar-top table at the window! It was made by my husband, Nick Anneler, and designed by the two of us, as part of our company Station 10 Studios! We also made the base for the center Barista island. Glad you enjoyed Verita! They are great!

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