Reflections on Austin


Lorde drowns out the brutal ride from Texas to Kansas as I gaze at a dreary Oklahoma sky from the window of a cold school van, reflecting on our trip.
I was offered the opportunity to attend the National College Media Convention in Austin, Texas. After going to a similar conference each year of high school, I was excited for the chance to attend at the college level.

Combining two of my passions, travel and journalism, I obviously did not pass up the experience. I am always thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn.

The trip taught me a number of things.

First, Austin is weird. I’m not sure that it is exactly my taste, but I loved the experience. I believe in finding the positives in every situation, and being able to pull favorite aspects from every place I visit. One thing I loved about downtown Austin was the murals on the sides of buildings.
Second, journalism is incredible. Out of all of the conventions I have been to, I think this one really helped reassure me of my love for journalism. I am passionate about telling people’s stories, and hope to never stop growing in my ability to do so.

Third, I am so thankful for connections I have made with other people, who also happen to be journalists. During the trip I ran into (almost literally) my high school yearbook adviser of three years, Mr. Glasscock. I was also able to meet up with my friend, Austin Tedrow, who is currently attending Cowley Community College. In addition, I had the best roomie ever: Jaycie Wunder. She is one of the greatest people I have met during college. I am happy to know her, and happy to have held her sweaty hand while she got a tattoo of a cat one night on 6th street.




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