I am My Hair

One week ago I liberated myself.

I made a change that I have wanted to make for a while: I chopped eight inches off of my hair and had color added for the first time.

As a natural redhead I have grown up always hearing what other people think of my hair. From those who have told me to never color it or change it in any way to the era of ‘gingers don’t have souls.’ Trust me, I have heard every ginger joke in the book.

On the first day I met Jen after starting my job at Eric Fisher Salon, she asked if she could balayage my hair. What? A hair stylist who actually wanted to color my hair? This was a first.

The day I decided that it was 100% up to ME whether or not I changed my hair was a good day; the day I did it was even better. I donated my hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, because a woman battling cancer needs it more than I do.

Thank you Jen for helping me get out of my comfort zone with this much needed change and for enhancing my natural hair color with a few lighter pieces. And thank you to all of my coworkers and friends at EFS who show me everyday the importance of embracing individuality, personal style and how to be an empowered person.